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Diena Haryana

diena Has served thousands of leaders in companies and communities in many countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Myanmar, and USA) through Professional and Personal Development Training & Workshops for over 15 years towards building harmony and success. She is also a life coach, educator, meditator, yoga enthusiast, and an advocate for abused women and children. She is the founder of SEJIWA Foundation working for Child Rights & Protection. She touches others through inspiring workshops as well as life coaching towards finding peace, harmony and true self.


Noviana Kusumawardhani (Bude Novi)

novi Noviana is as wellknown as Bude Novi. Through her inner self-awakening and spiritual growth, she has devoted her time to serve and love people through Tarot Reading, Energy Healing and Personal Development Workshops. Bude Novi is an inspiring being, and will take you to appreciate life more meaningfully.





Ina Pendit

ina Ina is a gifted healer. Being Balinese, she has that zest of local wisdom. She serves clients through Reiki therapy, Pranic healing and Intuitive Reading. She is also a Workshop Leader in Personal Development. Ina is a gentle and spiritual being who lives her life in consciousness through serving and loving others.




Lily Fistanio

lili Lily is a devoted meditator and has led meditation sessions through her service.

She is Budhist and meditation is her daily bread. She believes that inner peace can be found through calming the mind and living in humility and harmony. Lily is a calming figure, ready to help her clients through meditation sessions towards empowered and contented life.




Eva Anggraeni

eva Being the mother of 2 little ones does not slow Eva down for being an enthusiastic yoga instructor. It started from a hobby since 2004, then she took international certification from RYT 200 hours course and SOSA (School of Sacred of Art). She is also a volunteer for Bumi Sehat Foundation to help pregnant women to be well and prepared for delivery, by getting them practice Yoga. She’s been teaching yoga in the past 5 years, and her Yoga rhythm is gentle, yet dynamic and works for all levels and needs.




Ananta Sutopo

ananta Ananta is a yoga practitioner, a ceramic artist and product designer. She has a passion for sharing yoga by exploring the body to unveil hidden opportunities. She has studied yoga for 16 years with some great teachers including Olop Arpipi, Cie Souren of Iyengar yoga, John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Patrick Keelman, Daniel Aaron of Radiantly Alive. Her teaching style combines gentle flow vinyasa with longer held postures, deep stretching and body and breath awareness and mindfulness meditation, that can be modified to all levels and needs.




Rini Soe:

rini-soe Rini Soe has had her special gift of intuition since she was a child. She has a unique way in assisting people. By reading your palm, as well as reading Oracle Cards and Orchid Healing Cards, she will help you in addressing the roots of your current obstacles, unresolved issues  (childhood trauma, etc), which influence decision making, attitude that affects social communication, career, love life, and health. She does not predict the future, as it is your own responsibility to determine based on your own choices. She guides you to resolve past issues to help you move forward and let things go towards positive direction to reach goals and happiness.


Traditional Jamu Experts

You will receive knowledge about Jamu from the experts in the island.