• Haven for Holistic Health

We live in a challenging time, and some of us are surrounded by dark attitudes and negative happenings that constantly drain mental and physical stability. Be it in the areas of relationships, finance, health, or career, the issues in those areas can be pretty hard to deal with. Each of us is either in the realm of energy consciousness or energy depletion that determines how we deal with the issues.

When life takes us along the journey of gloom and mental distress, we get hungry to find power that can boost our positivity and bounce our steps. We know that this power is in each of us, reservoir of positive energy that wellsprings inside our mind and body, and ready to sparkle and empower us with spiritual healing energy to enable us to meet each day of our lives in harmony. Our task is how to reach within and find that peaceful energy ready to pull us up and embrace us with acceptance and unconditional love.

Lanna’s Lair retreat is about returning to that power within, through activities that awakens consciousness and creates the energy to self-transform. Our practitioners work together with you towards discovering ways to cope with every challenge and how to live well in every situation. All the activities have been arranged thoughtfully for great results and enjoyment. You will return home feeling refreshed, motivated, optimistic and in harmony, and able to put priorities right for a happier life.

Our practitioners are all gifted Indonesians, with good education, speak English, and have been working for years in multicultural settings.

Please see the activities that you will experience while being with us.