We have some retreat and workshop activities, among others:
Joyful Living Retreat
Mindful Meditation Retreat
Hypnotherapy Workshop
Weight Loss Retreat
Reiki Workshop

An example of Retreat: Joyful Living Retreat
2 Types of Retreat: 3 Day-Program & 5 Day-Program
3 Day-Program includes:

  • Sunrise walk
  • Workshops
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Balinese Massage
  • A Trip to the Holy Water for purification

    Kecak Dance Performance


    5 Day-Program:

    The same as above + Ubud Shopping + A Trip to Sacred Temples +     Trekking + Jamu Session


    We provide Reiki Energy Healing, Tarot Reading and Oracle Intuitive Reading by request. Please see more information about Reiki and the Readings as well as our Practitioners.


    1. : Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops:



    We have highly experienced and bilingual workshop leaders on self-empowerment to facilitate dynamic and engaging workshops on:

    “Harmony in Relationships”

    “Living Well Balanced Life”

    “Self Love and Acceptance”

    “Freedom of Fear and Anxiety”


    Some of us have victimized ourselves over unmet expectations, among others, in relationships, in work situations, in managing financial resources and therefore become unhappy and distressed. We work with our participants in finding the missing parts in life that create holes and emptiness, building the parts, and live with new outlook that is more rewarding. We deliver our workshops in facilitative way, through sharing and discussions, and dynamic activities and lead towards transformational steps that bring inspiration for a harmonious life.


    1. Meditation Sessions



    Being in meditation sessions will align you with harmony within you, therefore be more focused and peaceful. When life takes us to steep and winding roads, and life has become mundane, we need to quench our soul for our wellbeing. Taking time to calm your mind, to listen to your breathing, and being at center with yourself is like taking vitamins to your soul. Meditation is calming, simply good for going back to your true self. When you do it with a well-trained meditator, along with other people who mutually seek for peace and harmony, you just know that the energy is high and it flows positively and lovingly to nurture and embrace you.


    1. Yoga Sessions


    We have yoga sessions for you to bring back energy and positivity. The exercise takes you to boost flexibility, strength, health and wellbeing. Our yoga trainers are experienced and master various kinds of yoga movements such as Hatha, Vinyasa, iyengar, etc. They will blend movements based on the participants’ readiness, yoga experience, and age. Yoga is good not only for health, but also reduction of stress and anxiety.


    1. Balinese Massage


    You will experience this refreshing Balinese massage while staying with us. We will introduce you to the traditional massage that relaxes and reactivates your muscles. The power of pressure can be adjusted to your tolerance, it can be gentle or firm massage. The practitioners also apply essential oils to deeply relax and stimulate the flow of blood and energy around your body.


    1. Reiki Energy Healing (by request)

    Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit that produce multiple effects such as good health, peace and happiness. Reiki is not just great for stress release, but it also promotes healing. This therapy works in conjunction with other medical therapy. Reiki is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing that everyone can adopt. The channeling of universal energy by practitioners will flow around the patient’s body that creates force for the patient to feel energized, well and happy.


    1. Tarot Reading and Intuitive Reading (by request)

    Both reading will guide you through the process of life, particularly in dealing with life obstacles, rooted in the past traumas and unresolved issues. Our practitioners in these areas have served for years to clients from multicultural settings. The guidance is not about predicting what your future is like, but more of guidance towards leading a more effective, peaceful and harmonious life.


    1. Sebatu Holy Spring Waterfall


    We will take you to Balinese sacred waterfall of Sebatu, where you can absorb its healing power to purify and energize you. The water is known to have high-energy power that enables you to find your inner peace and life enthusiasm. Every full-moon monthly, Balinese go to the site and bathe in the holy spring waterfall, to purify and get rid of negative energy. Therefore, it is not recommended for our guests to visit the site around full moon. On other days, the place is serene and embracing, and you can take your time to enjoy bathing around the waterfall and feel its high energy.


    1. Kecak Dance Performance

    Your visit is not complete in Bali if you haven’t watched this performance. Bali is so rich with its traditional and cultural performances which are highly respected in Balinese day to day of living. Kecak dance is one of them. The dance is performed by at least 50 energetic men forming a circle around blazing bamboo torches. The music comes from their voices that shout and chant “cak” repeatedly along with their body movements hitting their chests, clapping their hands, beating their thighs, waving their hands in such dynamics and rhythmic sounds, so dramatic among the flickering torches that create enchanting atmosphere. We will take you to a Kecak Dance Performance that will give you a real zest of Bali experience.



    1. Trekking

    Our Ubud trekking will take you to discover historical sites, view natural beauties of river, rice field with its traditional irrigation, and natural springs. You will learn tropical plants, as well tropical birds and insects. You will also see people in the communities to run home galleries, and villagers along the way. You will enjoy fresh coconut milk during your trekking. A memorable short adventure that will linger on…


    1. Learning about Jamu (Easter Traditional Eastern Naturopathy):

    Nature has remedies for health issues. You will learn from experts of Jamu in Bali, for instance, that papaya leaves have many benefits for your health, among others: for menstrual pains, acne, malaria, dengue fever, diarrhea, etc… Also orthosiphon aristatus or daun kumis kucing/cat whisker’s leaves, a kind of plant found in the tropics, to be so beneficial to cure kidney stones, rheumatism, among others… A wealth of knowledge you will bring home with you, along with other inspiring tips from other sessions to spark your precious life.