• Haven for Holistic Health

One day I was travelling in Chiang Mai, the north part of Thailand, when I saw the word “Lanna” in some places. I like the sound of the word, and later I found out that it meant “Kingdom of a million rice fields”. At the time I was building this villa, and had not given a name to it. When I had to name the villa, I decided to name the villa “Lanna”, embracing the nature of its surrounding that is so “Lanna”.

Lanna’s Lair is haven for holistic health. It is located in Pejeng Kelod Village, 15 minutes from Ubud, amongst greenery in the foothills of Tampaksiring, Bali. Pejeng is surrounded not just by complex irrigated rice culture first evolved on the island, but also by Balinese old temples, one of which is “Pusering Jagad Temple” which means the centre of the universe. Not far from Lanna’s Lair, there are places blessed with Holy Spring where Balinese go to for ritual purification. The water is considered sacred and has healing energy. The two places are called Tirta Empul in the temple compound, and Balinese sacred waterfall of Sebatu, Tegallalang.

Pejeng in the old days was the area where kings of Bali held meetings. Pejeng also hosted kings and their aides to be assessed, trained and educated to prepare them for their duties, and it was done at Pengukur-Ukuran Temple, less than 1 km away from Lanna’s Lair. Pejeng is also known for the home for Pejeng Moon, the largest single-cast bronze kettle drum in the world, which is considered highly sacred by the local people, and it is located at “Penataran Sasih Temple”. Pejeng where Lanna’s Lair is situated, is indeed a very special area in the history of Bali, providing pure and sacred energy for our guests to absorb during the retreat.